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quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2016

SIGN NASIR'S PETITION - Crisis in Aleppo

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Ask Facebook To Not Charge Service Fees for Aleppo Fund

Petition by Nasir Khatri
Richmond, Virginia

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook staff,
Since 2011, Syria has been in the midst of a civil war that most international organizations have deemed a humanitarian crisis. Over the past few days, the violence and bloodshed in Aleppo, Syria has significantly escalated resulting in the loss of thousands of innocent lives. Many of these afflicted individuals have taken to your website to share their tragic stories and as a call to action. 
The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), a non-profit and non-political organization representing Syrian-American physicians, is an example of a group which has heard that call to action. Five years ago, when the Syrian Conflict began, SAMS expanded its outreach to meet the growing healthcare needs in Syria and has since developed 94 medical facilities within Syria and treated over 1.4 million patients, according to its most recent Annual Report. 
When the violence became even more intense a few days ago, one of its members, Dr. Basel Termanini, started a fundraiser on Facebook under the title "Aleppo Fund." With a goal of $500,000, Dr. Termanini and SAMS aimed to use the funds to "help the medical needs of the civilian victims of the air strikes and shelling in besieged Aleppo." 
Unfortunately, it has come to the attention of many of its donors that Facebook is "deducting 3.5% to cover credit card processing, payment support, and fraud protection" according to the Facebook Fundraisers & Donations FAQ page. This is in addition to the 2.25% charged by Network for Good to cover charity vetting and support, donation disbursement, and operations. 
While we understand the reasoning behind these fees, this petition is to request that these fees not be charged on the donations made to the Aleppo Fund in light of the dire circumstances in war-torn Syria. 3.5% of the $500,000 goal is $17,500 which would go a long way to address the medical needs of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in Aleppo.
Thank you for your consideration.

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